How Program Head


Earn a national recognized certification as:
A Certified Production Technician

What Are My Commitments

As a job seeker accepting the community’s investment in you, understand that eligibility for this scholarship is contingent upon a negative drug screen, funding availability and your willingness to meet or exceed the following expectations to:

  •     Treat this opportunity as employment that you want to keep.
  •     Attend every class and assessment appointment, clocking in and out on time.  You will be allowed no more than 3 attendance incidents, which may include absence, arriving late, or leaving early.
  •     Accept responsibility for participating fully in the program, by attending every class and assessment appointment, demonstrating a positive attitude, earning your CPT, and being a credit to the Kickstart CPT program.  Participation in CPT training, the work readiness workshops and WorkOne Hiring Event depends on your attendance.
  •     Participate fully and take responsibility for your learning by completing all assignments, listening well, asking questions, sharing relevant experiences, contributing to discussions and team activities, helping others as needed, asking for and accepting help when you do not understand an assignment or begin to fall behind.  You will consider your own and others’ experiences in light of what you learn about safety, manufacturing and production, quality and measurement, maintenance and global competitiveness.
  •     Earn your CPT by preparing thoroughly for each certification assessment.
  •     Assume responsibility for your job search by attending the work readiness workshops, CPT Hubs, the WorkOne Hiring Event, and working towards securing manufacturing employment. You will prepare yourself to be the strongest employment candidate possible, recognizing your attitude, effort, knowledge and presentation will largely determine your success.
  •     Assume responsibility for your success.  By assuming these responsibilities and upholding these standards, you can earn the confidence of Kickstart partners. You must understand that it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity for success.
  •     Maintain contact with Kickstart partners and respond to phone calls and e-mails promptly.  You will accept that they need and want to know the outcome of their investment in you and you agree to stay in contact with Kickstart partners for up to a year after graduation.
  •     Inform Kickstart partners when you accept employment, providing this information: Employer; Position; Date of Hire; Wage; Hours per Week.

CPT Key Activities